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Together with the MGO Award, get an intensive program of Journalist Award Benefits and self-development #ReadytoWork Professional Journalist Career and #ReadytoProfit Digital News Platform Online Startup Media Competition as well as the opportunity to partner with local media, national media and foreign media in collaboration benefits in starting Digital News Platform Online Startup Media.


MEDIA GROUP ONLINE Learn and Practice

Our focus is to develop media quality through #ReadytoWork Professional Journalist Career and #ReadytoProfit Digital News Platform Online Startup Media Competition in collaboration with local media, national media, and international media. Support is given to journalists and news publishing media companies, so that they can fulfill their commitment to focus on learning activities and the practice of journalism science and techniques and are targeted at meeting media performance in increasing income, for the sustainability of the economic quality of journalists and publishing media in the future. Come on, join MGO and win the annual award from the Media Group Online forum competition.

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We present a team of judges, a team of mentors, resource persons, a team of specialists and management strategists as well as alumni who always share their experiences for success through various journalism sciences and techniques so as to create collaboration in the formation of new understanding and knowledge to equip them to achieve the expected competencies, through media collaboration methods. digital technology to fulfill competency needs, which are preceded by lectures, interactive activities, sharing experiences, discussions and practices.


Because Journalists and Media Must Have Certification


We have helped a lot of local journalists, journalist startups and media startups, to develop potential resources in order to achieve their competence in Indonesia. The choice of learning and practice packages with the collaboration team of the online media academy group makes us the choice for many media workers. So, contact us immediately for your solution now,


Become an Agent of Change in preparing the leading integrated Professional Journalist Career in Indonesia by focusing on increasing loyalty, focusing on learning and practice through joining programs that have been prepared and providing the best solutions to help your career and monthly income by being active as a media worker at Media Online Group.


A complete Professional Journalist Career learning and practice design platform to support your potential as well as consulting to make your career grow and develop, earn income through professional programs as media workers and media publisher programs that have advantages in managing media management. Prove that our programs are focused and targeted since you joined the Media Online Group.


Services and Benefits of Joining
Media Group Online


Learn and Practice at Media Group Online

We organize mentoring programs for learning and practicing journalism, communication, and building start-up media to make a profit. This program is open to anyone looking to improve their skills.

Our training alumni are from a variety of backgrounds. Starting from media workers, private-government employees, creative workers, students, to retirees.

In order to maintain the quality of interaction, we limit participants to a maximum per mentoring class with limited slots at the time of admission to maximize alumni recruiting online group media partners and earn income.


Alumni are definitely #ReadytoWork Professional Journalists and #ReadytoProfit Media Pioneers

Join the Unlimited Mentoring Program, online media group and immediately practice at Dapoer Editorial Media Publisher. You will access journalism knowledge and techniques, reading materials, practice questions, and remote mentoring, Pre-UKW, UKW Certification, Membership Certificates issued by professional organizations and alumni forums.

It is definitely recommended to recruit online group media partners for Alumni or startup startups to give birth to new media, prove the quality #ReadytoWork Professional Journalist Career Program and #ReadyProfits for Media Pioneers. Sign up to join now!


100% Guarantee You Have Income

Every year, our Alumni Program will take part in the Annual Reward Competition to get awards from dozens of media publishing companies who are focused and targeted to learn and practice our writing training program.

Starting from writing effective reports, training in dealing with the media, writing internal media content (features and opinions), writing audit reports, photography training, to infographic training.

We prepare resource persons and trainers as well as a mentoring team to design effective program modules according to your needs to improve your career and income as a media worker.

Supported By

Income-Generating Group Management Digital Program

Income program from the management of Media Placement Services in the form of business advertorials in the form of news coverage of Products, Businesses or Business Brands placed on the largest news media in Indonesia

and Regional Scale Media | National | International | Other...


special DESEMBER Diskon 10% Up to 50% Join Immediately
For the first 20 registrants Limited Slot Mentoring

Internship Price

Cek Media

Freelance Journalist

Journalist Freelancing is a non-career position, the joining fee is determined by the destination publishing media.

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#ReadytoWork Price

Rp. 25jt 18.5jt

Journalist Academy

Preparing Journalists #ReadytoWork Professional Careers through study and practice to get a journalist competency test certification issued by the Press Council and a Certificate of Graduation of the Journalist Training Academy. Guaranteed to work in the media have income.

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MGO Awards Academy

Rp.25jt Up to 330Jt

Startup Media

Media Pioneers, will be prepared to have online media verified by the Press and Certification Council of the MGO Academy and have a definite advantage since graduating from the academy.

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Limited Participants "Discount Promo"


Kamis, 28 Oktober 2021

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